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Oh my... ^_^   
03:01am 10/04/2007
mood: amused
The funniest thing happened to me today.

I was sitting outside of a Starbucks nursing a peppermint mocha frappucino when some guy approached me. He was a very nice-looking guy, but was either colorblind or just couldn't grasp the fine art of color coordination. He must have just started college because he looked only a little older than me, but I'd never seen him at school or anything.

Anyway, he just waltzed right on up and I could tell that he thought he was pretty cool or something because Ikkaku has that same look when he's about to hit on somebody. Of course, I had no idea how spot on that observation was.

So he comes up to me and practically purrs, "Hey there, my name's Hideo. What's yours?"

At this point, I got the picture and I damn near laughed in his face. Honestly, it's one of the more unfortunate costs of being beautiful. I can't help it if my good looks blind some people to other factors such as gender. As it was, I only smiled at him and lifted a hand to muffle my amusement.

This, of course, sent him a completely wrong signal. He continued in an oh-so-smooth voice, "Aw, sweetheart, don't be shy," and sent a wink my way. The strain of holding back my titillation was starting to show in my face; I suppose it could have looked like a blush. If I was so inclined, I'd have probably thought him endearing. Alas, I didn't feel up to the challenge of correcting his wardrobe, and decided to let him in on my not-secret. After all, it's only proper to let someone know your name after they've given theirs.

Ah, the poor thing looked so shocked once I told him I wasn't interested and that by-the-way-I'm-male. He wasn't all that pleased, I'm afraid, but what he tried to do next was beyond the pale. The jerk took a swing at me! He aimed for my face.

Bastard made me rip a hole in my jeans when I tried to dodge him. I got even with a well-timed punch to his temple, and the idiot crumpled like a cheap shirt.

Thank god for the relative inattentiveness of Starbucks patrons. No one really saw what happened, so I put my hands up over my face and looked ready to burst into tears. No one really asked questions, Hideo got hauled off by the police, and I got another peppermint mocha frappucino for free.

People are so silly sometimes.
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Back from a mini shopping spree   
10:29am 02/03/2007
mood: happy
It's common knowledge by now, but I LOVE SHOPPING!

Yachiru-chan, I got you the cutest little top EVER. It's in your favorite color, of course, and has the most darling crocheted details along the neckline and shoulders. It's reasonably resilient too, so I don't have to spend all my time repairing said cute little top.

For myself, I found a nice turtleneck in eggplant, two new stripy polo shirts (one cerulean and green stripes on white, the other green and white striped on teal) a moss-colored cable sweater, a pair of running shoes for school and when I go out with Yachiru-chan, a pair of Doc Martens for the next time I go out with my friends from the dojo (really, they're the only nice looking type of shoes that can put up with the abuse), a pair of black slacks, a pair of khaki slacks, and a new bottle of conditioner.

I found this on Kuchiki-chan's page:
* Comment here asking me a question.
* Any question. I reserve the right to refuse to answer.
* I'll respond to your question.
* You may do this in your own journal if you wish.
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01:57pm 26/01/2007
mood: annoyed
You horrid people, you didn't even TRY to find me!
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11:11pm 30/07/2006
mood: rejuvenated
The dance turned out to be pretty fun after all, though I can't honestly say I know how it ended. I must have ended up having those extra cups of punch and then some, ne? ^_^

Obviously, I got home safely, but it's a little disturbing how I managed it. Driving by muscle memory isn't exactly something to be happy about. Do any of you do that? Do you ever start driving and end up at your destination not remembering anything in between?

Kira-kun and Hinamori-chan were absolutely adorable [Hinamori-chan, I loved your dress!], but they really needed to loosen up. Poor things were preoccupied the whole night.

Matsumoto-sensei, I didn't get to dance with you! I'm sooooo sorry! Maybe next time?
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03:45am 23/07/2006
  That horrible Risa girl is back. I am not pleased.

All she ever does is insult people, and she's not very good at it. In case she reads this, (and I'm very sure you are reading this, dear) I've decided to define a few words for her:

KENJUTSU - 'sword arts' or 'sword methods'. Exercises in which one wields a sword.
BOKKEN - a solid wooden sword in the general shape of a katana, usually. It can also be made in the shape of any other sword. Not a 'kendo stick'.
SHINAI - a bamboo sword made of four bound slats. The shinai is used in kendo, Japanese fencing, which was derived from the more traditional kenjutsu techniques. This is the proper name of your 'kendo stick', dear heart.

Oh, Risa? I must say sailor suits are only good in the eyes of old perverts, but I guess you'd know your clientele best, hmm?
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07:10pm 17/07/2006
mood: bitchy
Mou. Ikkaku and I don't have dates for the dance anymore since Tatsuki and that evil Risa girl fell off the face of the earth. All my hopes and dreams of seeing Tatsuki dressed like a girl for once have been shattered! Nevermind Risa though...her taste is rather questionable. Seriously, sailor fuuka is SO passe.

*sniffle* Tatsuki-chan would have been very pretty...she could have been BEAUTIFUL.

I wouldn't have minded going to the dance stag, but I was looking forward to that bit. Now I find myself somewhat let down and irritated. Tatsuki, you cruel thing! I can't even return that lovely dress I found for you! You draw me in, ask me out, then leave me STRANDED. Your lack of consideration for others is ugly.

Horrid woman. I hope you get a pimple.
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09:52pm 03/06/2006
  I'm so annoyed, I can feel wrinkles forming. Urban Acid Trip totally wrecked my plan for classy couture.

Luckily, I have a good dress in mind. Tatsuki, you're going to look stunning in this. Now we don't have to worry about how to style your hair! All we have to do is use a little gel to define some spikes. As for makeup, we'll go eighties glam on you.

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09:48pm 15/05/2006
mood: cheerful
Karakura's first dance of the year is near! I will be accompanying Miss Arisawa Tatsuki-- a very pretty girl, if a bit rough around the edges. It'll be so nice to see her dressed up for once. I suggested sapphire-blue as our color scheme. I'm rather partial to blues or greens, and jewel-tones are always fabulous, but almost any color will look good on us. At first I was toying with the image of her in classic ballroom-type fripperie, but it wouldn't suit her at all. No, Tatsuki has one of the best toned bodies of all the girls in the school-- it'd be a shame to cover up those legs. Something like this might be good.

I'm not sure what can be done with her hair, though.
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09:25pm 01/05/2006
  Mr and Ms KHS...pfft...What a silly competition. Everyone in it looks ridiculous.

PrivateCollapse )

On a more cheerful note, I am rather looking forward to Matsumoto-sensei's costume party. I have the perfect outfit. It's so pretty!!! I'm so gorgeous.
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09:46pm 27/03/2006
mood: aggravated
Math is turning out to be an ugly, ugly class.
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07:15pm 20/03/2006
mood: pleased
I love Back-to-School sales. ^_^
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